Precision Grinding

Multiple machines to creatively meet all your Precision Grinding needs in both capacity and lead times.

Surface and Rotary Grinding Capabilities: Blanchard Grinding, Lapping, Mattison Grinding.

Surface Capabilities: Up to 16' long x 24" wide

Blanchard Capabilities:  Up to 48" Thick x 130" swing

Trained personnel to assist in providing the best and most cost effective way to complete your project.

Surface grinding is a way to remove stock from a flat piece of material. It is used to take material to size, clean up scale and produce a smooth and/or flat finish. The material is held in place by a magnet or blocked in place for non-magnetic materials such as 300 series stainless or aluminum. Our machinists are able to hold fine tolerances in sizing or finish.

Surface grinding is a great choice to sharpen or re-sharpen used shear blades up to 16' long as well as running large production orders of smaller parts. Precise is fully equipped with all the special wheels to work on parts with many types of hardcoat surfaces.

ID Grinding

With the ability swing up to 50” x 50” long and up to 36" Bores, we have the expertise and equipment to meet your ID grinding needs.

ID grinding is grinding occurring on the inside of an object. ID grinding is a way of increasing the size of a bore, used by jaw or magnetic chucking. The part is held in place while the O.D. and face are indicated to be perpendicular and round to the area being ground. This is used to hit tight tolerances, heat treated parts or parts that can no longer be turned. This is a great way to repair worn out bearings or seal areas by grinding the area oversize, building back up with chrome and finish grinding to OEM specifications. This process saves the customer money by repairing rather than making or buying new. Taper fit's and sizing are no problem for us, our highly skilled machinist's are ready to take your project and get it done right in a timely fashion.

Cylindrical Grinding AKA OD Grinding

Capabilities: Up to 25" Diameter x 25' Long

Cylindrical grinding allows the part being ground to run in the machine between centers, at which time you inspect for bent and out of round conditions as well as starting size. Before grinding, we can straighten parts back to T.I.R. callouts and ensure the areas being repaired run perpendicular to the untouched areas of the part.

Cylindrical Grinding is an excellent way of repairing worn out bearing fits or just about any worn area of your part, returning them to OEM specs, using a variety of methods that in most cases, saves you money over having to make new. Precise offers services to our customers such as heat treating, traveling to and from chrome for finish grind and providing the customer with a complete part ready to go. This saves our customers time, money and frustration in moving parts through vendors we deal with daily.

Centerless Grinding

Capabilities:  .130" - 3.50" x 24' Long

Centerless grinding is a way of taking a part with the same major diameter from end to end into size by using no centers. The part is pulled through the machine on a roller system by the use of a regulating wheel applying pressure to the part and forcing it against the grinding wheel to remove stock. Centerless grinding is a very efficient way to reduce size on tube or bar stock.