Corporate Info

About Us

Precise started as a precision grinding facility in a small, 1,000 square foot unit of an industrial complex. Through years of hard work, unsurpassed customer service, excellent quality, and the dedication to our employees, Precise has been able to branch into all aspects of steel manufacturing, now including Precise Manufacturing and Precise Fabrication. From material procurement, burning, forming, stamping, machining, heat treating, welding, grinding and plating- all the way to storage, logistics, warehousing solutions, trucking solutions, kitting, and much more-- there truly is no job we cannot tackle or problem we cannot solve for our customers!  Over the years Precise has developed a vast network of relationships with local suppliers and vendors, expanding our ever growing list of capabilities. With over 50 years of combined experience, and a strong heat treating and metallurgical background, our leadership team is staffed with the best in the industry!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build relationships with our customers based on trust and confidence- while providing the highest quality work at competitive market prices. Precise continually proves our ability to "Make It Happen!"

Our Values

To us, “Precise” really means: Pride, Respect, Excellence, Creativity, Integrity, Service, Empowerment.  

We carry ourselves with Pride and confidence in our abilities. Everyone in our network is equally important- we treat each other and everyone else with respect at all times. We push to be the best in the industry in all our divisions- we are always growing, non stop adapting, and consistently working to perfect ourselves. Creativity is a requirement of all our employees- with the endless growing demands of the industry- creativity at our core gives us the ability to "make it happen" time and time again! Acting with integrity in all aspects of work life and home life is huge at Precise. We take care of each-other, and always do what is right- no matter the outcome. Precise prides ourselves on our unmatched service- we take things one step further every-time to ensure the end customer is taken care of. Empowerment really reflects our beliefs in our employees. We focus on empowering each-other to reach our highest levels, both inside and outside of the Precise doors. We believe, together as one entity, we are unstoppable.

Special Abilities

Precise Manufacturing has built strong relationships over the years with a range of suppliers in all aspects of manufacturing. If you have a job that needs done, give us a call today and find out how we can help you make it happen!